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Tuesday’s rumours

What’s the point, eh? Every day we trawl the tabloids and assorted websites eking out a rumour here and some idle speculation there, like squirrels foraging for nuts to get them through the winter. Then we collate it all here for your reading pleasure, only to get chippy emails from readers eager to point out that the BBC website has got the jump on us by about six hours, because their crack team of rumour-mongers were beavering away in their laboratory while we were sleeping off the exertions of the latest Christmas beano we emphatically had no plans to attend this time yesterday. And let’s face it – it’s not as if much of the turgid, groundless gossip we crank out on a daily basis ever turns out to be true.

So without further ado, let’s plough through this fiasco one more time. Teenage Southampton sensation Theo Walcott is going to Arsenal. No, he’s going to Chelsea. No, Arsenal. No, Chelsea. No, Arsenal. No, Chelsea. best mens canada goose parka No, Arsenal. No, Chelsea. No, Arsenal. No, Chel … ah, make up your mind Mr Boy Wonder. You might be buy canada goose parka cheap