The legislation, expected to come before the council early next

cheap goyard handbags “I don’t need anyone to come into my office and insult my intelligence and integrity by saying that if we don’t act today, the world will stop spinning on its axis,” said Rep. Rooney, D Northampton. “If you want to see me, you make an appointment. Pfenning would only get direct income from the stock if he had sold it, which he didn’t or got dividends, which Sands did not yield last year.Recchiuti said he planned to ask Pfenning in a memo if he still owned shares of Las Vegas Sands, which operates Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem.Recchiuti, an attorney, said the law is clear, and he had divested Sands stock in 2009 when he made an unsuccessful run for council. A frequent attendee of council before he won his seat last year, Recchiuti said he remembers Pfenning speaking of his Sands ownership and had questions as to whether he sold.”That’s troubling to me,” he said Wednesday.A commission spokesperson could not be reached for comment.City Council President Eric Evans, who wasn’t aware of the provision in the gaming law, said he would wait cheap goyard bag to hear what the commission has to say. He said it’s sometimes hard for non career politicians to navigate the intricacies of laws governing public officials.”It sounds like an innocent mistake,” Evans said.Pfenning is requesting council discuss the issue at its meeting Tuesday.Pfenning said he didn’t know he was in violation, pointing to a 2004 gaming law on the Gaming Control Board’s website that allows public officials to own no more than 1 percent of a gaming company. cheap goyard handbags

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replica goyard handbags Sadly, I no longer get ample opportunities to blog about Blakely Sixth Amendment sentencing issue these days though I suppose this could change if (and when?) the Supreme Court give these issues a new boost via a big ruling in Alleyne in the near future. Joyfully, this morning brings a little Blakely era nostalgia via the Sixth Circuit habeas grant in Lovins v. Parker, No. Councilman Kevin Kamenetz has drafted a bill that would cap pension payments at 60 percent of a council member’s salary at retirement.The legislation, expected to come before the council early next year, would address concerns that arose after Councilman Vincent Gardina, a Perry Hall Democrat who has served nearly five terms on the council, announced plans to retire at the end of replica Goyard next year. He would be the first to take advantage of the pension plan.”These officials are rolling in our tax dollars,” said Betty LeBrun of Owings Mills at a recent council session. “It is the arrogance of power to Goyard replica bags vote yourself a cushy pension.”Kamenetz’s bill, if approved by the council, would not affect the pensions of the current members.The county’s pension policy, which dates to 1971 when salaries were about $3,000, allows a council member who has served five terms to retire at full salary replica goyard handbags.