This is accomplished with a temperature sensor mounted in each

The rear cooking area has four separate 8 foot hoods tied into a single 7 Canada Goose Sale,400 cfm exhaust fan that uses a 3,740 cfm supply fan with hydronic heating and cooling.The controllers installed at the Clark Kerr Campus were part of the Intelli Hood controls package from Melink Corp. The Intelli Hood controls automatically reduce the speeds of the kitchen exhaust fans (and make up fans or rooftop unit outside air volumes) during idle, noncooking periods in order to save fan energy and conditioned air.This is accomplished with a temperature sensor mounted in each exhaust duct and an optic sensor mounted inside the end of each hood to measure the heat and smoke loads of the cooking appliances. These sensors send a signal to a processor, which in turn sends a signal to a variable frequency drive (VFD) for each fan.

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