VW previously agreed to contribute $2

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Belts Replica 2.0 liter diesel cars to cheat exhaust emissions tests and make them appear cleaner in testing than they really were. In reality, the vehicles emitted up to 40 times the legally allowable pollution levels.The company later admitted to also using “defeat devices” in the 3.0 liter vehicles. Vehicles had an undeclared auxiliary emissions system that allowed the vehicles to emit up to nine times allowable limits.The scandal hurt VW’s global business and reputation Replica Designer Belts, and led to its CEO’s ouster.VW previously agreed to contribute $2.7 billion to a pollution reduction fund to make up for the excess emissions from its 2.0 liter diesel cars through programs like paying for school systems to buy newer beltsreplica.com, less polluting buses to replace older ones. Belts Replica

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