When the green flag waved for the final time to start Lap 189

One question that is often asked at pub quizzes across the world is who designed and crafted the UEFA Europa League trophy. Well the answer to that is that it was designed by Bertoni for the 1972 UEFA Cup Final. Some other facts about that trophy you may be interested in is that is weighs a total of 15 kg and it is coloured silver and is presented and displayed on a yellow marble plinth!.

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cheap Canada Goose As the last of several late race cautions bunched the field after a multi car crash on Lap 179, Sato was running second to fellow Honda driver Max Chilton, with Castroneves third and outstanding rookie Ed Jones, fourth. When the green flag waved for the final time to start Lap 189, Sato quickly worked his way to the front in his Andretti Autosport Honda. The battle for the victory became a two driver duel with six laps to go, with first Castroneves taking the lead, then Sato making an outside pass for the lead going into Turn 1 with just five laps remaining, holding on for the win by just two tenths of a second at the checkers.. cheap Canada Goose

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